Query: When eating a sandwich or a burger, do you

a) Eat it with the pickle(s)

b) Have pickles on the side

c) Have no pickles

d) ?????

24 notes 24 notestagged as if the answer is different for burgers and sandwiches please specify. scientific research.

  1. sexynyancat answered: c
  2. myotherrideisavelociraptor answered: a
  3. thesharkjumper answered: no pickles :D
  4. tlyudacris answered: NO PICKLE FOR EVERYTHING
  5. murdoc615 said: All the pickles ever!!!!
  6. jshenobi answered: c!
  7. pandabert answered: it depends what kind of pickles i am eating…
  8. steviemcfly said: No pickles, pickles are evil.
  9. thoughtportrait answered: eat it with the pickle is there is a pickle. in my experience in sandwiches there is often no pickle
  10. blondeck answered: A for both!
  11. habajahaya answered: C!
  12. chloeintheafternoon answered: Yes, both.
  13. tentacruelty answered: c for sandwiches, a for burgers
  14. mynamehasane answered: C) have no pickles
  15. minkviterusser answered: pickles always, some people I know say if there’s some spicy stuff on the burger no pickles but I think that’s a load of hooey.
  16. londie posted this
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